Step Into the Wind

My latest novel, Step Into the Wind, is now available in paperback at, or  The e-book should be available within the month.  Thanks so much.

Step into the Wind

Alex Marcotte is a runner.  She’s been running since the day her twin brother took his life at the age of fifteen to escape the bullying he endured for being gay.  Alex runs from her anger at her parents for not protecting him, the stain his death left on her family’s summer camp for kids in Maine, and the unrelenting anxiety and depression that still haunt her.

Years after not having stepped foot in Maine, she agrees to go back for the summer because her mother is dying and her father is struggling to maintain the camp.  Her plan to say good-bye to her parents and Maine once and for all gets complicated when she falls in love with Zoe Kimball, a wildlife biologist, assigned to study a breeding pair of eagles that have taken up residence on an island owned by the camp.

Over the course of the summer, Alex gets closer to Zoe and is drawn into the struggles of the eagles’ offspring as they learn to live in a harsh world in which survival depends on trusting that their fledgling wings will carry them.  Will Alex see the parallel in her own life long enough to stop running?  Will she be brave enough to trust her heart by letting go of her fear and anger, and step into the wind so that she can finally fly free of her burdens?



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