I Knew an Angel.

Several weeks ago one of the most precious people I’ve ever known left her mortal 94 year old body.  I don’t say that she left the world or went someplace else because frankly, I don’t know where the soul goes when one dies.  I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual, and I’m also certain that if angels walk the earth, my friend Rita was one of them.  Wherever she is I suspect she’s still smiling and bringing joy to those around her.  I half expect to feel her presence in the soft winds of Spring when the birds and flowers return.  She loved birds and flowers more than anyone I’ve ever known.

Rita was one of those special once in a life time people who always made me laugh and want to be around her.  She was kind, secure in who she was, nonjudgmental, funny, smart and adventurous.  Rita traveled the world capping her adventures off with trips to Antarctica and Africa well into her 80s.  Broken bones, a broken heart from the loss of her beloved husband and poor eyesight barely slowed her down.  She relished being alive and refused to succumb to living a mundane existence filled with complaints.  She saw beauty and potential in everything and everyone.  I miss her more than I can say.

I honestly can’t think of a single flaw that Rita may have had.  She loved and respected people.  Yet, she didn’t hesitate to let someone know that they were being an ass, but she always did it with respect and kindness.  Her heart was pure and I’m grateful that she touched my life with her grace.  She taught me to be a better person.  I’ll honor her life by trying to live mine with grace as well.  I love you, Rita.  Thank you for inspiring me and being my friend.

For those who feel moved to respond to this blog.  Please don’t offer condolences.  Instead, share with me a story of someone special who touched your life and inspired you to live with grace.  My hope is to make this short blog a moment in which we reflect on those special angels in our lives.  Peace.


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